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Useful Information

Full name: Republic of Bulgaria
Area: total: 110, 993.6 sq km
Capital: Sofia
Official Language: Bulgarian
Political system: Parliament Republic

Local Time

Wintertime: GMT +2 hours (October through March) / Summertime: GMT +3 hours (April through September)

Money & Exchange

Currency : The official monetary unit is called "LEV" (plural "LEVA"). The banknote denominations include 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 50 LEVA, as well as coins - 1, 2, 5,10, 20, 50 called "stotinki" ("stotinka" for singular). 1 LEV and 2 LEV coins are also available. The Bulgarian lev is pegged to the Euro at rate 1 EUR = 1.95583 BGN. Official exchange rates can be found on the internet or any daily newspaper.

You may exchange currency in banks and exchange offices. Banks are usually open Monday to Friday, from 09:00 a.m. to 05:00 p.m. It is best to have your passport with you for you may need it when exchanging currency or cashing cheques. There are also a lot of ATMs ( Automatic Teller Machines ).


The most commonly accepted credit cards include: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, Access, Airplus. They can be used for the payment of all standard services in hotels, restaurants, night clubs, shops, car rentals, plane tickets, travel agencies, etc.


All accommodation places in Bulgaria have been categorised according to the 5-star international system. Privatisation has had a favourable impact and today the country is proud of hotels and restaurants that meet the modern world standard. Reservations can be made through our partner travel agency.


There is an extensive network of air, road and train services in Bulgaria. Two-way daily flights link Sofia to Varna and Bourgas. During the summer season there are more daily flights in both directions. Local and long distance bus services cover 90% of Bulgaria's settlements. The two main highways "Hemus" and "Trakia" link Sofia with Varna, Plovdiv and Bourgas. The rail network is extensive and connects most cities and villages and is quite cheap. Public transport in the big cities - tram, trolley bus and bus. Taxi service is available at Sofia Airport and in every larger city. You can rent a car from international rent-a-car companies such as AVIS, Hertz, Budget , Eurocar, etc. We offer discount car rentals.

Food & Drinks

Since ancient times Bulgarians know a lot of secrets for preparing healthy and delicious food as well as wine. They cook their food with great care and love because to Bulgarians food is a symbol of labour. Bulgarians largely use nature products in their cooking.
They pay greatest attention even to utensils used for cooking. Pottery is largely used for it keeps the fragrance and vitamins of the food.
Bulgarians are those who discovered the secret of preparing yoghurt and the Bulgarian yoghurt is famous all over the world for its taste and wholesomeness. Actually, the most palatable food in Bulgaria is served in the region of Rhodopes Mountain and that is where we want to lead you.
Hardly anyone could resist the temptation of trying Bulgarian food.

Of all of the Eastern European wine-producing countries there can be doubt that Bulgaria has been the most successful. This is due to the fine quality of the vinification and viticulture which has produced wines from this region since the times of the Thracians. The Thracian tribes worshipped the god Dyonissios as the patron of wine. With the establishment of the Bulgarian state in 681 AD the Bulgarians inherited the experience and the traditions of the local population in the cultivation of grapes and wine-producing. The winery that was found in the region of Preslav dating from the 7th to 10th century AD is a testimony to that. Original local red grapes Mavrud and Melnik are grown in Bulgaria and are very interesting to the wine connoisseurs.

Important Telephone Numbers

Emergency (Medical aid, Fire brigade, Police)  – 112;
Road assistance – 146;
Telephone information – 144.

Public Holidays

January 1 - New Year
March 3 - National day of the Liberation from Ottoman Domination
April/May - Easter - Two days (Sunday and Monday) according to the Orthodox calendar
May 1 - International Workers' Day
May 6 - St. George's Day
May 24 - the Day of Bulgarian Enlightenment and Culture and Slav Script
September 6 - National Day of Bulgaria's Reunion in the year of 1885
September 22 - Independence Day
November 1 - Day of the Bulgarian Revival Leaders
December 24-26 - Christmas Eve and Christmas
December 31 - New Year's Eve


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