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How to buy a property?

The first step is to choose the right property.

We can help you choose the most appropriate property for your future plans offering a variety of options, so that you can compare advantages and disadvantages and make the best decision for you and your family.

After you make your choice you have to reserve the property. The reservation is made by paying a deposit of 10 % to 15 % of the property value. After we receive the deposit the property shall be marked as reserved on the website. At the same time an agreement shall be signed, containing all agreed conditions and setting the date for the transfer of ownership.

Before the final step – the transfer of ownership usually passes about a month. That time is required to prepare the respective documents for the sale of the property. Also during that period we will check if there are any obstacles for purchasing the property. For example if any encumbrances of the estate exist (absence of debts and mortgages), availability of necessary licenses and permissions, if the current utility bills are paid or not.

When the documents are ready and approved by our legal team and after we are certain the property has no outstanding obligations the deal is done and the ownership of the property is transferred. Just before that moment you will have to pay the outstanding amount of the price for the estate.

Usually you have to be in Bulgaria on the date of the deal in order to sign in person the title deed. However if you prefer not to come in person for any reason we can conclude the deal on your behalf with no additional expenses.

If you choose to buy the property on a payment plan the transfer of ownership will happen after you pay the last installment for the estate.

There are some additional things you need to know before starting the process. They are related to some limitation in the Bulgarian legislation for purchasing properties.

Depending on your choice there are three possibilities of real estate you would like to purchase:

а) House without land or Apartment;
b) House with land, Apartment with land or empty plot;
c) Agricultural land;

If you are citizen of the European Union, Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway you can have all of the above in your name as an owner except for Agricultural land. 

If you are not citizen of the mentioned countries you can have only an apartment in your name as an owner. But you can still buy house with land or regulated plot. The only thing required to do so is to establish a company in Bulgaria. It is also possible to buy the house in your name and the land in the name of your company.

Regarding the Agricultural land there is a restriction for everybody. No matter if you are EU citizen or not there is limitation to buy agricultural land if you did not live in Bulgaria for the last five years. Even if you have a company it must be established five years before the desired purchase. Despite the stated above we can try to help you into purchasing agricultural land.

Tip: Sellers in Bulgaria have the right to advertise their properties with different agencies. It happens sometimes the property of your choice becomes object of interest of another client at the same time, who wants to buy it as well. In such situation sellers may gazump the price…The first to pay the deposit wins. We strive to prevent such situations by duly negotiating with the seller. To not let the property to be sold to someone else we recommend our clients to be prepared to pay the deposit as soon as possible.

Congratulations! You are now owner of a property in Bulgaria!

After the purchase of the land the new owner should declare the new bought property in the tax office. We will perform this on your behalf with no additional charges..

House without land: This is very rare case since and owner usually sells both – the land and the house. However in some cases it is possible the owner to sell only the house and to keep the land. In that case you will be granted unlimited in time permission to use the land to get to the property for example.

Apartment with ideal shares of land: When you purchase an apartment in some cases you purchase not only the apartment itself but part of the land on which the building is constructed. This part is shares of the land. That is the common case, however there are some offers for apartment only purchase. It depends on the specific property and the seller’s intent.

House with regulated plot, Regulated plot: Regulated plot is any part of land described by detailed spatial development with access from street, road or alley, determined purpose (usage) and planning mode;

Not regulated plot: Plot in area without detailed spatial development plan

Agricultural land: Land with purpose for agricultural development (fields, meadow, etc.)

Establishing a Bulgarian company: This is a process of creating legal entity, called company. You will be the owner of the company. You will also be the representative of the company. I. e. the company will be entirely controlled by you. Without you it will not be able to do legal actions. The property will be in the name of the company but since you control the company we might safely assume you will also own the property. The company may have just one owner but also may have more than one owner. It all depends on you.

Acting on your behalf: We may represent you on the deal. In order to do so we will need an authorization letter, also called power of attorney. It will allow us to buy the property in your name, to register the property in the respective municipality in your name and also to transfer the existing utility contracts (for water, electricity, etc.) in your name.

Ideal shares of land: If you are owner of one real estate, for example land of 1000 square meters you have 100% of the land. However if you are not the only owner but have a co-owner you will not have 1000 square meters but for example 50% ideal shares from the plot. Not simply 500 square meters but 50% from each square meter.

Buy on payment plan: You can chose not to buy the property immediately but to pay it on installments. That will lead to small increase in the price depending on the period. After reaching 30 % (thirty percents) of the property price you will be able to use the estate. The ownership will be transferred to you after you pay the last installment. 

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