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All the houses with price up to 10000 EUR on a payment plan with NO INTEREST

We know that the times are hard for many people and at the same time many people need a place where to move their home. Our clients are important for us. That's why we decided to make a special promotion for the clients who need a property in Bulgaria but can't pay it in cash at once.

We are glad to inform you that we can offer you the following payment plan for all houses presented on www.constanta-properties.com with prices up to 10000 EUR:

If you want to view all the houses with price up to 10000 EUR click here

The payment plan is valid for 6 months with no interest* and the payments are as follow:

1st installment (1st month) - 30 % of the total price of the property

** "total price" = the price of the property + the legal and notary fees + the agency commission (*+ company registration tax which is necessary only for non EU citizens - this payment has to be discusses additional for each property and each client).

The next 5 instalments are equal - 5 instalments for 5 months = 70% of the total price / 5 months.

For example if a property costs 5000 EUR.
- The legal and notary fees - about 400 EUR
- Agency commission - 600 EUR
**If you are a citizen of the EU you won't need a company to buy a property with land so the total price of the property will be:

Total price = 5000 EUR (price of the property) + 400 EUR (legal and notary fees) + 600 EUR (agency commission) = 6000 EUR

On a 6 months payment plan:

1st instalment - 30% of the property price = 30% x 6000 EUR = 1800 EUR.
The next 5 instalments for the next 5 months will be = 70% x 6000 EUR = 4200 EUR / 5 months = the monthly payment for each of the next 5 months will be 840 EUR.

Transferring the property will be together with the last payment so you become the new owner of the property when you pay the total price.

We are happy to say that we can offer you all these houses on the 6 months payment plan with no interest which means that you won't pay additional money - only the total price of the property.

If you are further interested, please take a look at all the houses with price up to 10000 EUR and contact us!

We will be happy to assist you to buy your house in Bulgaria!

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  • Property type: House
  • Subtype: 2 bedrooms
  • Price: Up to 10.000 $
  • Land Size: Up to 10.000 $
  • Basic Location: Sea
  • On Map: East
  • Province: Sofia
  • Town: Sofia

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